NWPC Employee Ranks Second in WorldSkills Russia Competition

North-Western Phosphorous Company, a member of Acron Group, took part in the seventh annual regional Championship of Young Professionals skills competition (WorldSkills Russia) for the first time.

This year’s WorldSkills Russia took place in February in Murmansk and was attended by 353 participants in 51 categories. NWPC was represented by Angelina Palivoda, an electric and gas welder from the maintenance and repair shop who came in second among welders.

‘North-Western Phosphorus Company is proud of its young specialists. In 2021, the Company established a scholarship for students to develop their professional skills. Recipients get a monthly scholarship of at least RUB 11,000, an industry internship, qualified mentors, and a guarantee of employment after graduation’
Yevgeny Sozinov

Ms Palivoda graduated with honours from the Golovanova Apatity Polytechnic College with a degree in welding production in 2021. In her fourth academic year, with the assistance of NWPC management and her instructors, she mastered TIG welding (manual non-consumable electrode argon arc welding), which is not part of the standard academic programme, and took part in 2021 WorldSkills welding championship. This year, after joining NWPC, she once again tested her professional skills and took second prize. Ms Palivoda can now join the WorldSkills national team.
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