Industrial and Workplace Safety

NWPC’s key priorities are ensuring workplace safety and mitigating industrial risks.

To this end, NWPC follows an occupational and process safety policy at its facility site. The Company is committed to protecting its personnel and takes occupational and process safety measures on a regular basis.

NWPC routinely conducts complex and targeted inspections and monitors compliance with the instructions of overseeing agencies, as well as occupational and process safety requirements.

The Company is committed to preventing accidents. It provides instructions and training for its employees and tests their knowledge of occupational and process safety rules. It also supervises the development of action plans to contain and mitigate accidents.

In compliance with Russian laws, NWPC conducts special assessments of working conditions aimed at improving labour conditions at the Company.

NWPC’s occupational safety and health management system ensures safe working conditions during the development and processing of apatite-nepheline ores and manufacturing of mineral feedstock for chemical and fertiliser production facilities.

The occupational safety and health management system complies with GOST R 54934-2012 standard (OHSAS 18001:2007), as confirmed by the compliance certificate issued by LLC Federal Register, the certifying body.

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