Product Quality

NWPC is committed to quality. As part of its operational performance management strategy, the Company has introduced a quality management system.

The Company’s quality control department is tasked with ensuing production control at all process stages and eliminating any factors that might disrupt that process. In order to improve its administrative and business performance, NWPC certified its quality management system in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standards and adopted a quality policy.

The Company prevents potential risks related to product quality by identifying such risks and opportunities for all processes that impact product quality and assesses the efficiency of efforts aimed at managing these risks and opportunities.

NWPC produces apatite concentrate, a high-quality phosphate input used to produce complex fertilisers and phosphorous compounds.

Item Quality Standard
1 2 3
Mass fraction of phosphorus pentoxide (Р₂О₅)
in terms of dry substance, min (%)
39.0 38.5 38.0
Mass fraction of water (%) 1.0±0.5 1.0±0.5 1.0±0.5
Residue in No. 0.16K sieve (GOST 6613), max (%) 20 28 35
  1. Maximum mass fraction of sesquioxides (FeO, Fe₂O₃, Al₂O₃) of 3% is guaranteed by the supplier and may be tested at the consumer’s request under GOST 22275.
  2. If agreed upon with the consumer, apatite concentrate containing 0.5–2% of water may be shipped from May through September.
  3. At the consumer’s request, the supplier provides information on silicon compounds in terms of silicon dioxide (SiO2) contained in apatite concentrate.

NWPC’s quality management system applies to the development and processing of apatite-nepheline ores and manufacturing of mineral feedstock for chemical and fertiliser production facilities and is used to maintain the quality of manufactured goods.

The quality management system complies with GOST R ISO 9001-2015 standard (ISO 9001:2015), as confirmed by the compliance certificate issued by LLC Federal Register, the certifying body.

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