NWPC Unveils New Mine Safety Systems

NWPC launched three new safety systems at its underground mine. With employee safety at their core, the systems were developed by domestic supplier JSC Radius and run off of personal mine lamps that are already mandatory for all underground miners.

An accident alert system transmits signals to miners’ headlamps and pages all workers in the underground mine.

A rescue radar system helps locate people under up to 30 metres of rock debris by capturing signals from miners’ headlamps and giving rescuers precise depth and location information.

A collision prevention system installed on underground machinery alerts operators when there are vehicles or miners nearby.

The new headlamps have sensors installed inside the battery pack, which solves the problem of replacing an external power source and reduces sensor response time to one second.
This is just the latest in our ongoing efforts to ensure the safest working environment at our facility. Our new digital solutions will increase both productivity and safety in mining operations.
Yevgeny Sozinov

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