Testing Laboratory to Open at Oleniy Ruchey Processing Plant


In 2024, North-Western Phosphorous Company (NWPC, a member of Acron Group) plans to launch a testing laboratory based on the automatic analytical control complex at the Oleniy Ruchey processing plant.

The laboratory is designed to promptly choose optimal processing regimes, map ore and test new agents to improve production technology performance and ensure high quality of the end product. The Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with its extensive experience in the analysis of apatite-nepheline ores from the Khibiny Massif, will provide research support to the laboratory.

The testing laboratory will be provided with all the main and auxiliary equipment to perform the full-cycle tests: from preparing the raw material to obtaining quality indicators. NWPC is currently procuring the necessary equipment and materials, and finishing the laboratory interior.

‘Once our testing laboratory is launched, we will conduct enrichment tests at the processing plant, which will allow us to immediately apply the results obtained to the production process, the aim of which is to deliver high-quality concentrate’, said Aleksandr Pislegin, NWPC’s Deputy Director for Development, Apatite Concentrate Production and Logistics.

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