Social Policy

North-Western Phosphorous Company is aware of its responsibility to the community and is committed to creating new jobs, making its tax and extra-budgetary payments on time, ensuring workplace and environmental safety at its facilities and promoting a favourable social environment in its local region.

NWPC’s social policy is aimed at developing a healthy social and psychological climate among its employees. The Company has devised a human resources policy to promote a working atmosphere that encourages each person to reach his or her potential. The Company is improving its personnel motivation system to provide each employee with opportunities for career development and remuneration adequate to his or her professional level and personal contribution to the Company’s performance, as well as opportunities for social security and education and advanced training opportunities.

The Company's main social objectives are:

• Comply with the terms of the licence agreement;
• Ensure health resort and summer vacations for Company employees and their families;
• Promote medical care and preventive treatment for employees;
• Engage employees in sports and physical education;
• Organise recreational activities for employees, their families and Koashva residents in order to foster corporate spirit and pride in the Company and to involve them in cultural life;
• Coordinate activities with the Kirovsk administration and fulfil obligations under social and economic cooperation agreements.

The Company's collective bargaining agreement provides for significant financial investments in the health programme. NWPC employees and their families can receive health-resort treatment at the Acron Hotel resort in Veliky Novgorod once every two years, or enjoy summer holidays at the Vesna spa hotel in Adler or the Rodnik resort in Anapa every three years. NWPC spent approximately RUB 14 million on the employee wellness campaign in 2015, and in 2016 this number will grow to RUB 18 million.

Since 2016, an increased number of NWPC employees will be able to obtain discounted season passes to gyms and swimming pools in Kirovsk and Apatity. The Company will continue individually supporting its employees involved in professional sports in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

NWPC boasts its own hockey, volleyball and soccer teams that compete on the municipal and regional levels. The Company also contributes to the development of winter kiting, sailing and powerlifting.

To reduce common illnesses, occupational diseases, workplace accidents and sick leave due to illness or disability, NWPC created a medical station at the Oleniy Ruchey mine with 24/7 medical service. The station provides emergency medical services, outpatient medical services, consultations with a physical therapist, physician, neurologist, surgeon and ORT specialist.

As a socially responsible company, NWPC undertakes to provide support in dealing with social problems in the Murmansk region. Under social and economic partnership and cooperation agreements with the government of the Murmansk region and the municipal administration of the city of Kirovsk, the Company is investing in the cities of Apatity and Kirovsk, as well as Koashva settlement, located near the Oleniy Ruchey deposit, and contributing financially to both the regional social sector and charitable causes.

Under its bilateral agreement with the Kirovsk administration for 2008–2016, NWPC allocated more than RUB 300 million to the Kirovsk city budget. Under a similar agreement with the Apatity administration, the Company transferred approximately RUB 500 million to development of the social sector.

NWPC’s other important goal is to revive Koashva settlement and make it attractive for Company employees and other residents, including young people. NWPC contributes to social activities in the settlement. Every year the Company’s representatives send greetings to residents on the day of the settlement’s founding and other special dates, with gifts for children, large families and school graduates.

Under the agreements, NWPC repaired and equipped Kindergarten No. 30, School No. 10, the Children’s Art School and the Recreation Centre, as well as the library, medical station and pharmacy, and built athletic fields and playgrounds.

In 2016, RUB 9 million of the funding will be allocated to repair and maintain social infrastructure in Koashva settlement, including renovation of the school gym, installation of a central alarm and video surveillance system at the cultural centre, and the purchase of vehicles to transport local creative teams to regional contests and events.

Charity is among the Company's most important lines of activities. NWPC provides financial assistance to junior sports schools, transferring team members to tournaments and organizing local competitions. It also congratulates WWII veterans on the Victory Day and supports the children of its employees who qualify for regional contests, competitions and other events.  

Overall, in 2015 NWPC spent more than RUB 35 million on social activities, including benefits and guarantees under the collective bargaining agreement.