Press Releases

12/20/2017 | NWPC Trade Union Reports its Yearly Results

NWPC’s primary trade union held an annual conference to report on its performance for the past 12 months. Almost half of the Company’s employees are union members.

In the last year, the trade union committee has worked hard in several areas, including helping members exercise their substantial rights, organising activities to improve working conditions, interacting with young people, and protecting labour rights.

Union officers reported in detail on supplementary financial support (partial compensation for healthcare costs, lump-sum payments to mark a first marriage, a birth, an anniversary or the death of a family member). In 2017, the largest share of supplementary financial support – approximately RUB 300,000 – was distributed to union members as “welcome baby” gifts or as benefits for their children entering school. The amount of benefits distributed for the last twelve months exceeds RUB 800,000. In addition, the trade union committee organised a vacation for members’ children at a recreation camp near Tuapse.

One of the focus areas for the trade union is cultural and sporting events. Over the current year, union members and their children were given an opportunity to visit a ski resort, a skating rink and the cinema. They attended regional festivals and celebrations, participated in sport tournaments and quests. Over 800 people attended these events.

NWPC’s trade union is also committed to building good relations with young people. During the reporting period, a Youth Council was approved and its members were selected.