• Vadim Ryazantsev

    Vadim Ryazantsev

    Chief Executive Officer

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  • Yevgeny Lobanov

    Yevgeny Lobanov

    Senior Deputy CEO, Technical Director

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  • Nadezhda Heifetz

    Nadezhda Heifetz

    Deputy CEO for Human Resources and General Issues

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  • Arseny Alekseev

    Arseny Alekseev

    Chief Accountant

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  • Alexander Pushkarev

    Alexander Pushkarev

    Deputy CEO for Security

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  • Alexander Pislegin

    Alexander Pislegin

    Deputy CEO for Beneficiation

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  • Sergey Vikhlyantsev

    Sergey Vikhlyantsev

    NWPC Chief Commercial Officer

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  • Ivan Suslov

    Ivan Suslov

    Director for Industrial Safety, Labour and Environmental Protection

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